Before Lynx Jet, in-flight entertainment was limited to a small LCD screen on the seatback (even still only on better airlines). With Lynx Jet everything comes to life as you’ll experience a whole new meaning of “entertainment” in the air! I think they go beyond even the great airlines like Singapore, Cathay, Emirates....

The cabin crew are not called stewardesses, but instead, they’re "mostesses". Their slogan, "Get on, and Get off."

Too bad it is just a fantasy right now ..think of what marketing like this could do for Virgin Atlantic ;-)
Lynx Jet Mostess

“Hi, my name is Mimi. What can I assist you with today?”

Oh you can “assist” me with everything, hot thang!

Don't forget! Sex sells!

A testimonial given by one very satisfied Lynx Jet customer.

“It was brilliant” said, Franco Coluzin, taking a low sip of his drink. "The mostesses made me feel very comfortable. They tucked me in, gave me a massage, and before I knew it I had nodded off. I woke up in a Lynx Jet bathrobe, spread eagle on my flatbed. I’m not exactly sure what happened, but I think it was pretty good."