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Ordinary KitKat Regular KitKat - L 10.9 cm X W 6.5 cm X H 1.0 cm, 70.5 cc, 50 g
Our experiment begins with everyone's favorite chocolate bar, the ordinary KitKat. It is the number one selling chocolate bar in Canada, and number two globally after Mars.
[Note for future project - What if KitKat were to sponsor a future Mars (planet) probe? They could then claim to be the "Number #1 chocolate bar on Mars!" Yeah! Stick it to Mars (the chocolate bar)]
KitKat Chunky KitKat Chunky - L 11.3 cm X W 3.0 cm X H 2.2 cm, 74.0 cc, 55.0 g
Kit Kat Chunky has one large finger approximately 2.5 cm wide and was introduced to certain markets in 1999 to resounding success.
Chunky DNA into KitKat mini Chunky DNA into KitKat mini
Now the only we to create a super chocolate bar is a bit of mad science in the kitchen! Our objective is to have these little snack KitKat's to not grow into regular KitKat's but into super uber monster KitKat's that will crush competitors.
Frankenstein KitKat It is alive!!!! Alive!!!
You know what they said about the KitKat Chunky? "Walk softly and carry a big stick." Well, why not tread like a jurasic dinosaur through the park and carry 4 big sticks?!
Ordinary KitKat vs. Frankenstein KitKat Frankenstein KitKat - L 11.3 cm X W 12.0 cm X H 2.2 cm, 296 cc, 220 g
Four times the size. Four times the impact. Four times the love! Why would you want blueberry or cappuccino flavour when you can just have more of what you love..that original yummy KitKat taste!
Join my campaign to create, and have Nestlé produce, the Frankenstein KitKat. Nestlé recently released a Chunky Max (72g) bar so the precedent already exists. Go big or go home!

Please visit Nestlé Canada and tell them you want them to create the Frankenstein KitKat as one of their special edition products.

For further information on your favourite chocolate bar please see the KitKat Wikipedia entry.